Ancienne Belgique in ECO-7-size




At brickworks Vande Moortel, we have been specialising in the production of ecological clay pavers for years now. That is why this year, we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of our ECO-7-size and more than 20,000 references. The benefits compared to the classic formats are therefore considerable with approximately 30% less CO2 emissions, transport, raw materials and energy consumption.

To further reinforce our message, our Ancienne Belgique series (with the exception of the colour basalt) is now available in ECO-7-size. By making this move, we further optimised the production of this sustainable paving material.

In spite of this, no compromises had to be made on either the quality or durability of this paver which are just as high as they are with the classic format. Choosing ECO-7-size pavers means choosing an ecological, high-quality material for your terraces, garden paths, edging, steps, driveways, etc.

Choosing a clay paver from our Ancienne Belgique 7 range means choosing the most stylish paver available on the market. Their refined format guarantees a high-class end result.

By choosing ECO-7-size, you are doing your bit to help create a more sustainable world.







This series can also be made water-permeable by applying our H2O Natural Clay Paving principle. H2O Natural Clay Paving allows rainwater to infiltrate on the spot. The water-permeable paving and foundations allow the water to slowly drain into the subsoil. This relieves the burden on the sewers and also maintains the level of the groundwater.

Just like all Vande Moortel clay pavers, Ancienne Belgique 7 clay pavers lend themselves to use as water-permeable paving thanks to their specific natural character and quality characteristics. In conjunction with the correct joint filling, our clay pavers provide enough space to let rainwater infiltrate the subsoil via the traditional natural joints between the clay pavers.