Kaliber Bricks are the perfect example of a sleek moulded brick. They have have outstanding technical characteristics including low porosity and high compressive strength. They are also extremely durable and frost-resistant.

Available as standard in the sEptEm and linea7 series.




They are available in our ecological BRICK7 format as standard. Due to their special dimensions and adapted depth, they leave more room for insulation or living space. As a result, they have all the characteristics that a modern facing brick should have.

The dimensions, textures and colours available give them a high design value,
making them ideal for contemporary and timeless architecture.




The Kaliber series is produced using a fully optimised and automated production process. This, combined with Brick7-format, ensures an optimal price/quality ratio.


stenen wagon


septem 7021


linea 7022


Kaliber bricks are available as standard in the sEptEm and linea7 series (Available in Waaldik format on request).