Clay pavers

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Vande Moortel clay pavers are fantastic for private and public projects. High-quality pavers with character can add an extra dimension to any outside space. The wide range of colours, formats and bonds create endless possibilities for any designer. Clay pavers can easily be combined with other materials and their natural character means that they will fit harmoniously in any environment. They also have a long lifespan and can be reused as a material.

The clay paver is an authentic paving material which is frequently used and full of character. It is a product which is systematically used to create not only attractive garden paths, borders, steps, terraces and driveways but also public squares, roads and pavements. Long recognised as the market leader, Brickworks Vande Moortel has carefully continued to develop this product which has kept its position as a high-quality paving material.

What makes Vande Moortel clay pavers so special is their quality, low level of water absorption, colour fastness, durability and respect for the environment. They are available in a unique range of colours and formats such as the ecological Brick7 format and the braised shades of grey. They have been used in award-winning projects (RHS, SGD…) all over the world by leading landscape architects and garden designers.