Tritstraat Kampenhout (Belgium)
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Tritstraat Kampenhout (Belgium)

Nature7 in social housing

Tritstraat Kampenhout (Belgium)

project: Tritstraat – Kampenhout (Belgium)

architect: Comodo architecten (

client: GMV Sint-Pieters-Leeuw (

Facing bricks:  Nature7 mix of Bricks N and Brick B in different proportions. 
Processing: thin-bed – broken bond


Tritstraat Kampenhout (Belgium)
The first stage of the Tritstraat project has been started in Kampenhout. This project consists of building 80 subsidised owner-occupied houses commissioned by the Regional Housing Company in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw. The project was designed by Comodo Architects from Leuven, who opted for 2 coloured bricks from the Nature7 range as facing brick.
The design fits into the master plan that was drawn up by A2D architects. A number of guidelines which designers were required to take into account in the design were outlined in this plan:
- the greatest possible level of privacy is key as regards the various relative volumes;
- the aim for the entire project was to achieve perfect equilibrium between individuality and uniformity within the confines of scale. In other words: coherent but not monotonous.


Tritstraat Kampenhout (Belgium)
Why Vande Moortel's NATURE7?
Comodo Architects: "Bricks are traditional but, at the same time, also timeless building materials.  They provide a contemporary appearance when they are processed with thin jointing.  We finally opted for the NATURE7 because of the underlying concept of the brick mix. By mixing these subtle colours in different proportions, we will still be working within the guidelines provided in the master plan.  Ever-so-slight contrasts will be used between the different volumes , without disrupting the unity of the project." 
BrickN and BrickB
The brown N & B bricks were selected because of their warm colour, matching the surrounding buildings, and were chosen from the extensive range after internal deliberations. The subtle nature of these colours also makes it easy to integrate the volumes into their surroundings.
Does the choice of the NATURE7 range offer more advantages? 
Comodo Architects: "The bricks, which are only 7 cm wide, are an economical alternative to the traditional widths of 9 and 10 cm. When compared to the traditional formats, they definitely provide added value to the wall construction, insulation and benefit raw material consumption. These advantages are emphasised to an even greater extent in designing such projects with multiple volumes."