Vertical applications concept
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Vertical applications concept

Facing bricks as a creative source of a new school building

Vertical applications concept




Boltshauser Architekten

Facing Brick

Nature7 Brick O


Photos: © Christian Schärer  

Vertical applications concept

A brand new building has been erected at the north side of the sports facility, on the playgrounds of the elementary school building. The new school building is home to a nursery school and equipped with several class rooms and all of the facilities that teachers need to fulfil their tasks in the best way possible.

The top floors of the new building contain the class rooms, while the lower levels hold the storage and technical areas. The building also houses offices for the teaching staff, the school director and a social worker, as well as a therapeutic area, a music room, a day nursery and a fully equipped kitchen.  

Vertical applications concept

The symmetric arrangement of the simple, compact spaces provides for an almost cubic volume. To give the structure a playful appearance, the walls were given a slight curve.

Pointing the rooms in one direction and providing them with secondary light from an adjacent room has created facades of alternating bands of masonry and windows, giving the structure a certain rhythmicity, as well as a pavilion-like character. 

Vertical applications concept

The implementation of the facades is proof of the endless creative options that bricks have to offer. The vertical incorporation of the green-grey facing brick Nature7 Brick O accentuates the gracefulness of the architectural concept.

The non-smooth finish creates a relief with vertical shadow joints. Together with the natural nuance of these hand-made facing bricks, the technique results in a very lively facade.