Modest church building with a natural look
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Modest church building with a natural look

A unique brick for a unique project

Modest church building with a natural look


Reconstruction of the church of Rijsenhout



City of Rijsenhout



ENZO architectuur & interieur ®

Leimuiderdijk 239
2154 MN Burgerveen 


Facing brick

Nature7 Brick O


Clay paver

Septima Salvia


Photos: © Marjan Sins 

Modest church building with a natural look

The architecture of the new church building is based on two starting points: the powerful lines of the original burnt down church, and the wish to make the building a great place to meet. Increased emphasis was placed on the constructive wheels in the floor plan of the old building, and they now form the backbone of the church.

Wall openings at different heights were added, to let in direct and indirect daylight and to emphasize the function of the building as a place of worship. The different heights provide the church with a stronger identity.  

Modest church building with a natural look

The plain bell tower, for which a building permit had been issued in 1969 but which had never been built, now serves as a beacon in Rijsenhout.

The slender NATURE7 facing bricks of Vande Moortel, type Brick O and laid in a random pattern without vertical joint but with a recessed bed joint, stress the horizontal lines of the architecture and contrasts with the vertical elements.  

Modest church building with a natural look
The mixed greyish green of the facing brick softens these lines and ties in with both the surroundings and the interior. 
Through the high, inviting entrance the visitors enter a central meeting room which can be used for different purposes. For the interior of this space, we have chosen natural tones and soft materials which, together with the adjacent green courtyard, create a pleasant and calming atmosphere.
The church hall is oriented towards a special altarpiece which conceals a meditation wall. The diagonal positioning of the room contributes to the interaction. Next to the church hall is a second large space which can serve as an extension of the church hall. On the other side of the meeting room there are smaller rooms which can be reserved for meetings or conferences.


Modest church building with a natural look

The linear pattern in the church building is extended to the outdoor space, also designed by ENZO. Vande Moortel bricks were also used for the paving.

By choosing Septima Salvia pavers with a similar colour, the linear pattern of the building runs seamlessly through to the immediate surroundings.