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First UK projects built!


1 year after the UK introduction of the ecological, revolutionary Brick7 format, we are delighted to discover that UK architects have well and truly taken Brick7 onboard. 

The first projects have now been finished and there are many others underway!  


Why use a facing brick of 7 cm instead of 10 cm? Why use Brick7?


FEWER raw materials

MORE insulation

REDUCTION of transport costs


LIMITED CO2 emissions  


Facts about Brick7


Did you know that the costs for transporting 1 cargo of facing bricks from our factory to Central London are about half those for a cargo of 65 mm bricks from the North of England.

Did you know that you can create your own mix with and many architects are putting this opportunity to good use

Vande Moortel has 4 individual, unique ranges in this ecological 7 cm format. NATURE7SEPTEMLINEA7 and RUSTIQUE 

The NATURE7 series is especially popular due to its unique production method. The bricks are largely manufactured by hand according to the popular Waterstruck technique.