Brick slips
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Brick slips

Brick slips

Our entire range of facing bricks is available as brick slips – the ideal solution for processing facing bricks when space and weight are a determining factor. 
These brick formats are available in four different types with a thickness of approximately 20 mm as standard.


 Corner slip


 Horizontal slip

 Stretcher reveal slip

Our brick slips are of the same top quality and unique colours and formats as our range of facing bricks. In addition, they can be used to create the same level of detail so that the finished wall will look just the same as it would have done if you had used classic bricks.
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What are the benefits of brick slips?

Ideal for renovation projects

Being approximately 20 mm thick makes brick slips the ideal solution for renovation projects where as much of the space available as possible needs to be taken up by insulation.

Perfect for interiors

Brick slips from Vande Moortel are ideal for creating internal accent walls. They can be applied to various substrates to give the look of a solid wall. 


Complex bonds and patterns which would be extremely labour-intensive using traditional brickwork can be created quite easily using brick slips.

Reduced load

Brick slips are an ideal solution in situations where load is a decisive factor such as tilting and floating volumes.  


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