Brickworks Vande Moortel lauches six new facing bricks
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Brickworks Vande Moortel lauches six new facing bricks

Brickworks Vande Moortel lauches six new facing bricks

Nature7, linea and infinitum

The brickworks will be proudly launching four distinctive new facing bricks in 2018: Brick J and Brick W join the Nature 7 series while linea 9001 and linea 7035 are the newcomers to the linea series. And in the infinitum serie: the infinitum 1013 and the infinitum 7001. This means that Brickworks Vande Moortel will be adding two pale shades to its range: creamy white and light grey.

In the tree series, both shades are produced based on the Hand-Made principle, to give them a typical Vande Moortel touch. The new products were developed in response to demand from customers who, amongst other things, were looking for lighter shades to be used in urban settings.


The facing bricks from the Nature7 series are in the ecological Brick7 format. Vande Moortel uses this to turn the classic Waal format into an ecological facing brick. The facing bricks from the linea series are in a distinctive format measuring approximately 240 mm x 115 mm x 38 mm, a long flat brick that is ideally suited for accentuating horizontal lines in brickwork. And with a length of 510 mm, the facing bricks from the infinitum serie gives a modern and contemporary look as well as an extra feeling of space.


The tree bricks are made based on the Hand-Made principle that is distinguished by its pure character. Strong and natural variations in colour are created during a single production run due to the reduced firing process. These shades are apparent between the different bricks as well as the different sides of each brick. That – combined with the manual actions carried out during the production process – is what makes every brick unique.

The manual production process gives the bricks from Nature7 rough contours and faint stripe patterns. The burn marks on the bricks are also obtained in an authentic way by manually scattering them over the coals. The resultis a strong, subtle and completely natural look.