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The largest offer of ecological facing bricks and clay pavers!




Advantages of the thinner format of BRICK7


  • More insulation or living space 
  • Budget-friendly
  • Fewer raw materials and less CO2
  • More efficient transport


Energy-efficient and sustainable building, conscious use of raw materials and rational energy use are becoming increasingly important for everyone. In this context, Vande Moortel resized the durable and environmentally-friendly material brick to an optimised new and slimmer format! With BRICK7, Vande Moortel provides a simple but efficient answer to this energy issue.  In a traditional façade we notice that the outer facing mainly has a durable and protective as well as an aesthetic function. The contribution to the overall insulation value of the exterior wall is rather limited. It is primarily the insulation itself that plays the greatest role in this regard (5% exterior facing, 10% cavity, 59% insulation, 15% cinder block, 1% lime mortar.



Vande Moortel responds to this by manufacturing bricks in a specifically slimmer format:

The thinner formats of BRICK7 provide the space to increase the traditional insulation thickness from 5 cm to 8 cm without widening the wall thickness or loss of space in the building. In addition, one can lay the bricks with familiar masonry techniques and a traditional façade construction with cinder block, insulation and air cavity remains possible.




                                                                               STANDARD FACING BRICK                                                               





inspired by the colours of nature


NATURE7…the brick alphabet…


Offers you a wide range of creative possibilities


As an extension of the ecological BRICK7 format, NATURE7 offers a variety of  powerful colours. Intense  and nuanced  like nature itself. Authentic, coal-fire finishing gives every brick a pure character. Each brick corresponds to a letter of the alphabet, clean and pure, just like the colours of this authentic line of bricks. On you can create your own mix with up to eight different colours. Stimulate your creativity and fill in a word. Let the result of your mixture inspire you in an original way.